I can pay Meryl Sacks no higher compliment than to say that any building owner, cooperative corporation, or condominium association is fortunate to have her as its managing agent. Meryl brings the highest level of professionalism, competence and dedication. Board members, shareholders and unit owners will gain leverage from her experience in all facets of real estate
management. Whether coordinating and managing large-scale capital projects, developing long-term financial strategies, or carrying out routine day-to-day tasks, Meryl and her team have demonstrated the ability to maximize value, enhance quality of life, and ensure that real estate investments and homes are well cared for and secure.
— Neil Ritter, Classic Realty LLC.

Meryl Sacks has been our co-op’s managing agent for almost 30 years and is one of the most experienced managers in the industry. As a board member for that period time, we’ve enjoyed working with her on a myriad of capital projects, including the revamping of our electrical system, elevator modernizations, multiple Local Law 11 projects, and many more. She has been easily accessible to the board, and is responsive to all within a very short window of time. Meryl understands precisely what is necessary for the smooth operation of high-end buildings. We’re lucky to have her.
— Board President, Park Avenue Cooperative Corporation.

Meryl Sacks is an exceptional property manager. She is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful and goes well beyond expectations in serving her buildings and the people who live there. One weekend, our building had an electrical fire in the basement, resulting in the complete destruction of an electrical panel and a building-wide power outage. Within a couple of hours, Meryl was at the building, had coordinated with our superintendent to assess the situation, and had brought in specialized electricians to work with Con Ed to have the power restored in short order.
— Eric B. Woldenberg, Esq.

I have known Meryl since she first started in property management many years ago. Even at the first meeting, I could tell she was bright, hardworking and energetic. Through the years I have worked with her very closely, and have seen her develop into what I would consider one of the most skilled and dedicated property managers in the five boroughs. She is very diligent and has her clients’ best interest at heart. She works towards the solutions of problems immediately as they arise and does not let them fester. Her solutions are always thorough, intelligent, well thought out, fair and reasonable, and always workable. She is very personable and pleasant, with good people skills. She treats the tenants well and will go the extra mile to satisfy those with problems. Over the years, I have also watched her develop her management skills in dealing with her own staff. This too is very impressive. To sum it up, if I had a building and I needed a management company, Sacks Real Estate Management would be the one I would engage.
— Gary Trias, Trias Management Services.

I have worked in property management with Meryl Sacks for over 20 years. I can think of no more qualified individual in this field. Cooperatives and condominiums that have Meryl as their agent enjoy an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise. Meryl’s knack for problem-solving and project management achieves results and saves money for her clients. Her commitment to service extends to every resident.
— Colleague

“In my view, there is Meryl, and then there is everyone else, for managing a coop or condo. Her experience allows a board to make informed decisions on projects of any scope. With professionalism and a problem-solving demeanor, Meryl manages the idiosyncrasies of life in a high-end, New York residential building. She coordinates with outside contractors, finishing projects on time and on budget. Under Meryl, there is assurance that House Rules are followed and that transfers and renovations are completed as approved by our board. She works seamlessly with accountants and lawyers on budget, financial planning and legal issues which arise, and oversees building personnel to oversee that day-to-day operations meet the highest of expectations of owners. I have uniformly and without any hesitation recommended her to other boards considering a change in their property management, telling them to look no further than Meryl.”
— Vice-President of the Board, Park Avenue cooperative