Sacks Real Estate Management Corp. is a full-service property management firm specializing in cooperatives and condominiums in New York. Meryl Sacks, president, focuses on principles she is known for: developing enhanced value; improving quality of life; and instituting safety and security measures in all her buildings.

Every member on our team maintains the highest ethical and professional standards, and takes a hands-on proactive approach to the management of your property. Each building is unique, and we offer our clients objective guidance and assistance to Boards making difficult decisions that affect the building and its residents. We are responsive to the needs of our clients, residents, and building staff and believe that communication among all parties is key to running a successful building.

From overseeing construction on historic properties – prewar and landmarked – to assuring compliance with NYC Local Laws, Meryl Sacks has 30 years of commendable experience (see Testimonials) in managing luxurious cooperatives and condominiums with personalized service leading to long-term relationships.

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